Registrations for the MAD PRIDE TALENT QUEST are coming in thick and fast… so here is a sneak peak of who is going to be competing for fame, glory and a $500 cash prize.

Julian Bull is a 17 year old street performer who does sleight of hand magic. He does tricks with balls, coins, rope, cups, cards, pencils and spoons. He also tries to make people laugh. He has been a street performer for three years and has been learning magic for five years. He would really like to travel the world performing anywhere he can. If you like Julian and want him to win – make sure you vote!

Kanseora Nazmir is a 26 year old Australian woman of Lebanese descent who loves the sport of karate which she has been doing since the age of 16 and is now a 2 Dan Black Belt. She had time off karate recently and have only just recently started training again. The Kata she is going to perform at Mad Pride is called Unsu. WARNING: “Do not try this at home!”

Susan Jon Rose is a 18 yrs old who started singing at the age of 9 but never really took it seriously until 2 years ago. She started performing and in those years developed a deep passion for music and would like to do it for the rest of her life. She was selected to be one of the few Featured Artist in the 2009 and 2010 production of the School’s Spectacular. Is currently involved in the Mark Vincent (2008 Winner of Australia’s Got Talent) Show as a support act performing in different clubs and entertainment venues across Sydney.

Beau, Kobie and Jack are three boys from Matraville High School who have been recording music in Redfern every Monday. All three boys came to the Kool Kids program of Weave and are now involved as SWITCH Leaders! For Mad Pride they will be performing an original rap.

So – that’s some of the diverse talent lined up for the MAD PRIDE TALENT QUEST. Registrations are still open… so if think think you’ve got what it takes… or want to give it a go in an awesomely supportive atmosphere – register here.

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